Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday Frills

For me, a birthday is not a sign of getting older, but it signifies the survival of another 365 days of life's ups and downs and in-betweens. All our experiences have moulded us into a wiser, more appreciative, more forgiving, more self-determined, more ambitious, optimistic and courageous version of ourselves. Isn't that the greatest gift we can receive? This birthday, there is nothing material on my wishlist, just the hopeful thoughts below...

This Birthday I Wish For:

 * Happiness in my heart * Serenity in my soul *

* Success in all the things I attempt to do *

 * Time enough to reach for my dreams *

* Enough patience to see me through *

* Inner beauty * An open mind * 

* Confidence, strong and lasting *

* Strength to do what needs to be done *

* Believing in tomorrow * Living in today *

* Knowing the right way is the only way *

* Clearing out the confusion * Facing the facts * 

* Not being afraid * Never giving up *

* Finding hope in hard-to-find places * 

* Putting smiles on other people's faces * 

* Knowing when to talk * And knowing when to listen *

* Standing by the truth *

* Being firm in my commitments *

* Using my insight to set me right *

* Going from rock bottom to mountain top *

* Learning from mistakes *

* Understanding the greatness within *

* Looking for the good that is always there * 

* Sharing the things that need to be shared *

* Remembering that it can all be a puzzle, 

But solving problems is one of the sweet joys of life. *

If you are also celebrating your birthday in February, I wish you a great one!

P.S. I am lucky to be have the lovely Adeola Naomi interview me on her blog here.

*Poem adapted from original by Douglas Richard.


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