Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Pack For A Holiday

I bid you all a fond farewell for the next two weeks, as I leave for vacation today. In the spirit of jet-setting and sightseeing, I thought it would be a good idea to share my tips on how to pack an ideally stylish and functional suitcase for traveling abroad. What you pack obviously depends on where you will be going, the climate, activities involved and type of vacation. These are the items that I usually pack for a spring/summer holiday away.

I start with adaptable pieces in neutral tones - basic t-shirts, skinny jeans and tights. Selecting fabrics that won't crease when folded is helpful for when you reach your destination. Looking back at former holiday snapshots, I realized that I have always packed a striped top, it can be repurposed in so many different ways. A shirtdress looks chic for both day and night, and travels well. It can be styled up with heels and dressed down with flat sandals. A 'little black dress' is a must if you intend on attending any formal evenings. For outerwear, I picked a classic trench, in case of rainy days, and an animal print cardigan, in case of chilly days.

Now that you have built up the basics, it's time to add some saturation. I usually pick one or two colours from my closet that work well with black, white, beiges and denim. Sticking to a similar colour scheme will also help cut down on accessories and allow for interchanging pieces. This holiday, my primary shade is coral. I picked skirts, blouses, a blazer, sweater and dresses in this shade, adding pink to spice it up, as well as hints of black, so that it will all cohesively blend into the contents of my suitcase.

I always find choosing the right type of shoes tricky. You never know what you will be in the mood to wear, and if there's a lot of walking and touring to be done, you have to ensure you carry a really comfy pair. Also, there may be occasions where you need to dress up and then you may require heels. I try to pick shoes and sandals that will match my travel wardrobe, dividing them into flats, trainers and heels. I don't ever take newly-bought-but-never-worn shoes with me - they may turn out to be feet assassins.

The most fun part of packing...is selecting co-ordinating accessories. I love vibrantly printed scarves for jazzing up a monotone look. I use a daytime bag that's big enough to fit all my travel essentials and also carry a easily foldable black clutch, for formal dressing. I keep jewellery simple with just 4 or 5 pieces in corresponding colours and metals. One or two skinny belts will reinvent that summer dress or shirt. A UV protectant pair of sunglasses and a sun hat is a necessity for me - They serve the purpose of shielding you from the scorching sun and also hide any sleepless nights and bad hair days you may have while on holiday.

I hope you will find my 'How To Pack' guide useful the next time you are planning a trip. I would love to hear any packing advice you may have for me too. 

I have prepared a few posts for while I am away, which will be wi-fi dependent. I will only be able to respond to comments when I get back in two weeks time, for this I apologize. I will miss my daily visits to your blogs and hope to catch up when I return.

Until Then...Have a wonderful Easter! I wish you all well and chat to you soon.



*All images found via Polyvore.


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