Friday, February 24, 2012

Holiday Snapshots

I took some photographs of my mini-break while I was away last week, so I could share the splendor of the South African East Coast with you.

I spent the week at the coastal resort village of Umhlanga, which is a stone's throw away from the city of Durban on SA's eastern coastline. I'd like to say we stayed 'on the beach', but according to dodgy internet bookings, that means behind the hotel that's 'on the beach'. The weather treated us a little too well, it was tremendously hot at over 30 degrees Celsius everyday. Above left is a picture of North Beach, where you can dine at Moyo restaurant right at the edge of the pier. Bottom right is a view of the Umhlanga Lighthouse, set alongside the beautiful blue sea, shadowed by five star hotels and ocean view apartments. If you're going to retire in style, this is the place to do it.

I made a little trip to the Spa on Fairways while I was there. They offer the most luxurious pedicures in serene surroundings. Once you get on one of those comfy leather couches with a cup of coffee and good conversation, it's really hard to leave! With more time, you can enjoy use of the pool and outdoor jacuzzi on the deck, which provide a panoramic view of the lush green Beachwood Golf Course and azure ocean. Utter Bliss!

Being an animal lover, I visited the uShaka Sea World, which is the largest marine habitat in the Southern Hemisphere. We saw the most astounding and incredible sea creatures, including many different types of sharks, which, if you're brave enough, you can say "Hi" to one during a shark-cage dive. Sea World also houses seals, penguins and a large variety of fish, some native to SA and others from international waters. I also got to see the dolphins up close during a show. I now realise how magnificent and intelligent these lovable mammals are.

My dearest friend from Dbn, Ms M, kindly took some time off work to take me around the best spots in her city. One of them was the glorious Zimbali Lodge and Fairmont Hotel, which is set atop a hill that overlooks the picturesque Indian Ocean. We drove 30km out of the city for an indulgent afternoon tea, where I tried out one of the in-house blends called 'Safari Chai', along with scones and cream. How very 'English' of us. That is a very rare black & white picture you will see of me standing at the infinity pool. These heavenly views come at a price, to stay the night at one of the Indonesian style houses costs around $330. 

That was a little snippet of my seaside getaway, as good as it's great to be back.

*All photos by me. Special Thanks to Ms & Mr M for taking me around their city and for the royal treatment!


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