Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday Thrills - Soap & Glory

Show me anything prettily packaged in pink with a quirky title, and I'm sold. I recently fell head over heels for Soap & Glory's gorgeous and glossylicious range of bath, body and skincare products. The British brand was initiated in 2006 by cosmetic chemist and NYC's 'Bliss Spa' entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore. It has flourished into a successful beauty empire ever since, winning several beauty awards and being featured in British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Look Magazine & Grazia.

The best part about Soap & Glory (besides the vintage containers, quaint names, delightful pink designs, heavenly butters and foams) is the price. All this charm comes at an affordable rate. Here are my Top Picks.

1. Clean On Me Shower Gel. This is a Company Magazine beauty award winning product, made with deliciously scented mandarin peel. £5.11 / $14 / R61.50
2. The Righteous Butter. An award winning body butter that moisturizes with shea butter and aloe vera. £10.21 / $18 / R123
3. Peaches & Clean 4-in-one Cleansing Milk. Made with peaches, naturally, this face wash shrinks pores and deeply cleanses skin. £7 / R84
4. Bright Here, Bright Now Instance Radiance Energy Balm. The words 'energy' and 'balm' are soothing to my ears. Apricot & aloe combine to rejuvenate dull skin. £11 / R132
5. Glad Hair Day Ultra-Shine Shampoo. Strengthens and repairs hair using the magic of raspberry vinegar and glycerin. £5.22/ R63. A mini travel size is available at £2.35/ R28
6. Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss. Nourishes skin with sweet almond oil, leaving an all over glow. £5.11 / R61.50
7. Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em Body Exfoliator. Jojoba, mandarin, sea salt & basbassu oil merge to create this brilliant body buffer. £7.40 / $18 /R89
8. Scrub, Actually Body Scrub. A scrub thats good enough to eat, featuring white and brown sugar, apricot kernel oil and mango butter. £6.89 / R83

9. Kick Ass Concealer. A three piece eye-brightening and camouflage kit voted as top notch by Vogue UK. £10 / R120

10. Love At First Blush. A shimmery multi-shaded blush powder that gives cheeks a rosy lift. £11 / R132

11. A Great Kisser in Cherry Chocolate. A pouty pink lip balm that saturates dry lips with the power of mango and apricot butter, lingonberry oil and pomegranate extract. £5 / R60

12. Super-Colour Fabulipstick. A collagen boosting lipstick that even Mary Poppins would approve of. Comes in 3 shades. £9 / R108

13. Mist You Madly Body Spray. A fruity floral fragrance scented with freesia, bergamot, blackcurrant, vanilla, musk and magnolia. £6.13 / $18 / R74

14. Solar Powder Bronzer. A mix and match bronzer brick that illuminates skin. £11 / R132

Soap & Glory products are available from in the UK and their international branches, selected items are available at Sephora in the US, Kit Cosmetics in Australia, as well as in Germany and Canada. Visit the Soap & Glory website for more information on products and find a perfectly pink bottle to fill up your vanity bag.

Happy Shopping!

*All pictures and product names are trademarked to Soap & Glory.


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