Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heavy Machine - Shoes or Art?

At what point do shoes become more than just a piece of functional footwear? Innovative brand Heavy Machine introduces us to shoes that are more than just your average pair of high heels, they are modern pieces of fashionable art. The trailblazing brand finds its inspiration in the strong, sturdy lines of industrial machinery, hence the name.

For Summer 2012, Heavy Machine has created futuristic designs with solid architectural shapes. Leather lined geometrics with angled cut-outs are appended to chunky lacquared heels in dazzling colour-blocked brights like turquoise, yellow and coral. Heavy Machine holds no restraints when it comes to bold creativity. These avant-garde pairs may not be timeless classics, but they certainly do pack a punch.

Shoes or Art? You decide...

*Images via heavymachinsdesign.com


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