Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Shoes by Alexander McQueen 2012

Alexander McQueen

Fall/Winter Shoe Collection 2012-13

Whoever said that shoes had to be practical and actually wearable, obviously did not see the supermodels strutting down Alexander McQueen's Fall 2012 runway in those outlandish heels. Or should I say - no heels? Some of the unconventional pairs on show had no heels at all, but instead featured a curved metal 'horse shoe' sole. One would need to take a class to walk in them, I presume.

We can't deny the creative brilliance and virtuosity that Sarah Burton has harnessed when constructing these phantasmic pieces of shoe art. Ostrich feathers, shaggy fur, ruffles and rosettes, leather and suede all play a role in making this shoe collection one that surpasses anything we have ever seen before. In this fashion realm at least. 

The Fall/Winter 2012 shoe collection has been toned down from the ostentatious looks displayed on the runway, to a more - dare I say it 'sensible' range. The uber sexy sky-scraping ankle boots and nude shaded sandals will harmoniously fit in with a voguish winter wardrobe. However the sharply sculpted, frilled and fur-covered pairs may only find its place in the closets of the Lady Gaga's and Rihanna's of the world. Whatever your fancy, this collection does makes for captivating viewing.

I would secretly love to try on the pastel pink or red ruffled organza pair. 

I don't think I would get very far in it though. 

Are there any of these fanciful McQueen pairs that you would like to try on too?


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