Monday, November 26, 2012

My Life As A Movie

I recently watched an outstanding advert on our local TV screens & had to share it with you. Beautifully scripted, magically inspired & true to life, the M-Net ad campaign is entitled 'My Life As A Movie', and portrays one's life as if it were lived as a silver screen Hollywood production. 

The thought-provoking trailer reminds us of the fine line between life and film. They both their fair share of drama, adventure, love and romance, joy, sorrow, the thrilling moments and the scary ones. Every person who plays a role in our lives are like cinematic characters; each with their own conventions, charms and quirks. I hope you will find this video as memorable and heart-warming as I do...I've included the script below.

In my life...

I've beaten the odds,

I've been the star of the show

And the loser no one wants to know.

I've known heroes and villains;

Heroes who turned out to be villains.

I've known true love...

and lost it too.

I've lived in fantasy worlds

Been written out of stories,

Written off.

I've lost my way...Lost myself...Lost
the plot

And had entire conversations without
saying a word.

I've had second chances,

Third ones too

And I've come back again.

I've found myself in complete darkness

And I've seen the light

I fought with the director....He
humored me.

I used to think that magic only
happened in the movies

But then it happened to me.

This inspired me to ask the question: 

If there were a movie made of your life, who would you pick to best portray 'You'? 

I look forward to hearing your casting choices.

*Video fully credited to M-Net, Ogilvy and Picturetree Productions.


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