Monday, December 3, 2012

Things I've Learnt About Blogging

My Blog turned 2 over the weekend and to commemorate the milestone, I've decided to jot down the little bits of wisdom that I have collected over this time.

Things I've Learnt About Blogging...

*Even though my blog may hold the tiniest space on the web, to me it's a creative place I can call my own...where I am able to freely express what I'm passionate about. 

*I believe a blog shouldn't be defined by other's expectations or conform to any standards, it should only be about what makes you happy.

*It takes time to figure out and fine-tune your personal blogging style.

*One can never really get tired of seeing yet another pretty red carpet dress or outfit post.

*My favourite part about blogging is hearing everyone's opinions. It's always interesting how we can all look at the same thing & have entirely different views on it.

*I am still in search of a cure for BAS - 'Bloggers Addiction Syndrome'. It's a pretty serious condition - it starts where you click onto one amazing blog and that leads you to another one and another one and then another...and eventually you will either run out of webspace and battery life or someone at work/school/home will catch onto your click-happy antics.

*I've found that bloggers are some of the kindest, amicable & considerate people around. 

*I've discovered a fond home within this supportive, steadfast and courteous blogging community, magnetically brought together by our mutual love for fashion and style.

*There are some days when the inspiration to blog runs out and I've learnt that this is Okay. 

*I realized I don't need to read fashion magazines or browse runway pictures for style inspiration, all I do is log on to my favourite blogs (all 300 of them) for my daily fashion fix. 

*I really admire bloggers who write in English, even though it's not their first language.

*I also admire bloggers who find the dedication to post every single day of the week.

*I spend far too much time trying to figure out wobbly word verifications on comment boxes. This has to be my least favourite part about the blogging world.

*Although I may follow hundreds of blogs, I know it's not humanly possible (unless you're a member of The Big Bang Theory and have a time-freeze machine) to comment on every single one of them everyday. But the best I can do is try :)

*And finally, I have been lucky to make the most wonderful and sincere friends through blogging, whom I otherwise would have never met in the real world. 

So a massive thanks to each and every one of you, who are all truly special to me. I treasure your friendships, support and daily visits. (This is starting to sound like a melodramatic Miss World acceptance speech so I'll wrap it up now). Thanks for your constant contribution and encouragement over the past two means the world to me!

*Images via Tumblr. Collage by me.


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