Thursday, November 7, 2013

Handsome Hairstyle For Men

Are you looking for smart low-maintenance short hairstyles for men? There are many interesting ways to style your hair to create different looks. You can play with the hairline to add an extra dimension to your hairstyle. Neat hairline right across the forehead, give your face a bold squar-shaped look. You can crop your hair close to the scalp to create a rough and rugged appeal. The hairline with a dip at the center, looks attractive with a short crop.

The swag style is a trendy short look for men’s hair. To create this trendy hairstyle, keep your hair longer in the middle, and close-cropped on the sides. You can also give your hairstyle a retro spin with a slight tuft at the center of your head. Layered haircuts look neat and smart on men. You can use layering to give a rich textured look to straight hair. Slightly curved hairline add a fashionable touch to light layered hairstyles. If your hair is curly, a close crop with a straight hairline, looks attractive. You can also have fun, using styling agents on your short hair. Try pomade or gel to give a cool spiky look to short straight hair.

Retro Short Style

The front hair juts out, giving a retro touch to this hairstyle. The side hair is neatly cropped.


Hairline Grooved Style

The thick hair is closely trimmed with neat grooves on either side of the forehead.


Square Cut Hairstyle

The hairline runs straight across, creating a smart angular short hairstyle for men.


Close Hairstyle

The thick smooth hair is cut close to the scalp. The neat hairstyle opens up the face.


Short Punk Hairstyle

This short spiky hairstyle breathes punk. The spiky styling at the back, adds a fun twist.


Short Layers Hairstyle

The hair is styled in very short layers, and brushed over the forehead. A smart manly hairstyle.


Short Gelled Hairstyle

The light touch of gel gives a wet look to the short hairstyle for men.


Short Swag Hairstyle

The hair at the center is styled very short. The side hair is closely cropped, creating a short swag hairstyle.


Smart Wavy Hairstyle

The thick wavy hair is neatly trimmed, setting off the face. The front hair is stylishly brushed to complete the look.


Formal Crop

The close crop gives partial glimpses of the scalp. The hairline is neatly curved.


Short Hairstyle

The hair is trimmed back, opening up the wide forehead. The close crop balances the soft bearded look.


Men’s Short Hairstyles

The short hairstyles with square headlines, give a tough rugged look to the men.


Men’s Pile Hairstyle

The thick waves softly pile at the center, in this traditional short hairstyle.


Trimmed Dip Hairstyle

The straight hair is trimmed to create a textured look. The hairline dips at the center.


Formally Short Curls

The smooth fine curls are cut short, molding to the contours of the head. A light curl brushes the forehead.


Retro Short Look

The thick hair is evenly styled with a slight piled up look at the center.


Swag Short Look

In this stylish swag haircut, the thick waves in the middle look interesting.


Textured Rich Look

The soft fine curls are evenly styled, creating a rich textured look for men.


Soft Spikes Look

The straight short layers in the middle are softly spiked. The close side crop completes the look.


Soft Tufts Men

The hair is styled in soft tufts at the top of the head. A smart look for a mature man.


Layers Texture For Men

The soft layering creates a rich texture on the straight hair. The curvy hairline adds a sensuous touch.


Open Look For Men

The hair is styled short, opening up the forehead and revealing the ears.


Square Formal Men Hairstyle

The square-cut hairline, gives a smart and formal look to the short hairstyle.


Men Trimmed Hairstyle

The closely trimmed hair has a soft texture. The square hairline goes well with the broad face.


Men Flick Layers Hairstyle

The short layers flicking the forehead look sexy, in this swag hairstyle for men.


Curls Men Hairstyle

The soft tufts break the even look of the hairline, in this short hairstyle. Smart and sexy.


Short Groomed Hairstyle

The thick short hair gives the young face a smart groomed look. The even hairline looks smart.



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