Sunday, January 22, 2012

Closet Confidential with Fabrizia Spinelli

This episode of Closet Confidential features the stunning and stylish Italian blogger Fabrizia Spinelli. Fabrizia has an eye for beautiful dresses, bold accessories and glorious pairs of high heels. Her blog answers the question every girl asks herself daily, Cosa mi metto or "What shall I wear?" She shares some of her personal style secrets and fashion favourites with us.

Describe your personal style

I like to dress pretty easily, without exaggeration. I don’t think I have a well defined way to dress, I like to experiment, to take inspiration from different styles, to change everyday and to combine different elements.

What has been your best fashion buy thus far?

It’s a really hard question, because every time I buy something, I fall in love with don’t know, maybe my first Chanel. I had always desired it, and you know, Chanel bags are so chic, elegant and timeless.

What was your most outrageous purchase?

Maybe a bright orange lipstick. It was very long before colored lipsticks were fashionable, and also I haven’t ever worn make up in a strong way, so to me it was so strange and difficult to see myself in the mirror!! 

If you could max out your credit card at any designer store, which one would it be?

Definitely the shoe department at Macy’s or Chanel

What are your key fashion pieces for Winter 2012? 
A fur coat, many shiny and colorful lipsticks, a peplum dress, an asymmetrical skirt, a denim jacket and sparkling jewellery.

Who are your style icons? 

I like the style of the It-girls Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo, and the elegance of Eva Longoria, but I also like to take inspiration from well-dressed ordinary people! 

Three beauty products that you can't live without? 

I can’t live without a mascara, blush and a good moisturizing cream! 

What is on your fashion wish list? 

So many things, of course a Hermes Kelly, a wonderful Chanel Jumbo bag in petrol blue, and a Moschino peplum dress. 

What five items of clothing are the foundation of a good wardrobe? 

A pair of jeans, a little black dress, a comfy pair of high heels, a black blazer and a great pair of sunnies. 

Biggest Fashion Do 

Wear what you like and don’t be afraid to show your personal style.

Biggest Fashion Don't 

Don’t wear something just because it’s “in”, for the first thing you must feel good in it. 

Fabulous Fashion Advice
Fashion is not only something to follow, but it’s also something to create, is something that can express our personality.

*Special Thanks to Fabrizia for participating in this interview and permitting me use of her photos.


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