Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Closet Confidential with Bailey Schneider

I was lucky to score a style interview with one of South Africa's favourite radio hosts, the bubbly and vivacious Bailey Schneider. Bailey shares snippets of her exciting life as a media and TV personality on her blog Vanilla Blonde. Along with a passion for shoes and vanilla tea, Bailey shares her love of fashion on today's edition of 'Closet Confidential'.

Describe your personal style

I like to think I am stylishly comfortable. I love the classy, elegant look with Boho chic mixed in so it's not too preppy. I also dress according to my mood. There are days when a pair of leggings or jeans and a tee is good and when I feel like putting on the red lipstick and stepping out in a dress. Nicole Richie is one of my icons and I adore the way she can make a pair of jeans and a white shirt look so stylish.

Three beauty products you cannot live without

I never leave the house without wearing mascara. My favourite is the Maybelline XXL. Sunscreen is another absolute must and Bronzer, which just wakes up any skin (especially if you're looking tired or a little sick.) 

Do you have any fashion addictions we should know of?

I LOVE shoes. They always fit. I alternate between heels, wedges, sandals and pumps. I'm also addicted to accessories. I can never have enough. A striking piece of jewelry, a colourful scarf or a trendy hat can really spruce up any outfit. I also have a lot of perfumes - I love their bottles and fragrances. 

A good lead to my next question...What is your signature scent? 
Oh no. This is hard. I have a LOT of perfumes. I'd have to say my signature scent is between Michael Kors and DKNY Women and Be Delicious (Day and Night.) 

How would you define the street style in your city?

Johannesburg is a fast-paced Cosmopolitan city. Most Joburgers are stylish. I find that most people dress up and are far more comfortable in being unique and wearing something that defines who they are.

Which South African designers do you admire?

Hmmm... This is difficult. This may make me seem like I’m sitting on the fence, but I genuinely appreciate and admire everyone. Every designer is trying to make their mark with their vision not only locally but internationally too and they're doing it. It makes me proud.

What has been your best fashion buy?
I've bought some amazing boots that have lasted me so many seasons and always look stylish. My Victoria Beckham denim jacket - it's so versatile and can be worn across seasons. 

For anyone traveling to Johannesburg, where would you advise them to shop? 

The new section in Sandton City is fantastic. I'm glad I can now say Zara - swoon. I'd also suggest Cotton On. Woolworths is another good one - they have great buys. We have great vintage stores too and you can find some real gems. 

Five essential items of clothing that you always have in your closet, regardless of trend or season?

Jeans and leggings, blazers, cute fitted tee shirts, the (LBD) dress and the classic black heel. 

What is your all time favourite trend? 

The LBD (Little Black Dress.) It will always be timeless and sexy. A great pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt will also always be trendy and elegant – mix it up with great accessories and you have a winner every time. 

What is your all time worst fashion trend? 

Blue eye shadow and red lipstick together is a BIG NO NO, teased, frizzy hair and those harem pants – I just don’t get it. I think they look like you're wearing a nappy - a FULL nappy. 

You are always attending glamourous media events, how do you decide what to wear to them?

This really is mood related again and depends on the function. Sometimes I dress uber glam and other times a more subtle approach works better. I believe that having great hair can enhance an outfit too and I love the opportunity to dress up in gorgeous dresses and do very sexy hair and make-up.

A Fabulous piece of Fashion Advice...

Dress for your body shape and dress to be comfortable. Comfortable doesn't mean frumpy, it means being in something that makes you feel good and therefore makes you feel and look confident. There is nothing worse than tugging on an outfit that is too tight or too short. Not only do you feel uncomfortable, you LOOK uncomfortable – not the stylish, confident look you want, I’m sure. Don’t be afraid to wear something that is different. If it suits you and you feel good in it, wear it… People will admire you and secretly wish they too could “pull it off”. Promise.

*Special thanks to Bailey for taking the time off her busy schedule to do this interview.
Pictures via Polyvore & Google images.


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