Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I have learnt that everything is beautiful, but being beautiful isn't everything.
 Sometimes beauty is an outward display of captivating good looks, but most of the time, it's an inward reflection of a beautiful, benevolent heart, a caring soul and an engaging mind. Beauty isn't measured by the digits on a scale, by the tiara in a beauty pageant or by the shade on a box of hair dye. Beauty doesn't fall within the rigid realms and narrow expectations that society conceptualizes it to be. It lies within you. Within your ability to rise above very obstacle, your belief in a greater good and contribution thereof, and in your capacity to offer compassion without expectancy, and kindness without gratitude. It is found in the flashlight of strength that you're able to shine through life's darkest moments, your courage to face the dawn of every new day, your innate glow, set alight by your unfading optimism and charismatic spirit. It lies in your confidence to be yourself, and not a mirror image of what you see in a magazine. In your willingness to learn from your mistakes. In your patience to accept criticism; and to use it constructively, not destructively. Gazing into a mirror will only show what you want to see; it's your choice to either let that be the best that's within you or the superficial constraints that society places upon you.

Written by Me

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