Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Magic of a Judith Leiber Clutch Bag

Judith Leiber Clutch Bags

Spring/Summer 2012

When celebrities want to stand out on the red carpet, its not so much the dress, hair, make-up or shoes that make an impact. In a sea of so many gorgeous evening gowns, it's the Judith Leiber clutch bag that makes an an ordinary look, extraordinary. It's been 49 years since Hungarian-American visionary and handbag designer Judith Leiber began her company, and every single collection proves to be more astounding than the one before.

The same can be said about the Spring 2012 range of exquisite hand-crafted clutch bags, decadently encrusted in shimmering crystals, spun from exotic fabrics, in designs only an artist like Judith could dream into reality. Whimsical everyday objects have been magically transformed into artful accessories, glittering in luxurious metals and vividly shaded gemstones. These are not just clutch bags, they are spectacularly sculpted masterpieces. Luxuriate in your sweet side with a crystal cupcake clutch or cool yourself down with an ornately beaded fluttering fan. In salute to the jovial spirit of Spring, Judith unveils an array of floral embellished box clutches in sumptuous rich tones. For a more traditional look (in the slightest sense of the word), there are metallic gold and silver pieces that dazzle with their intricate patterns and luminosity. 

Has your heart skipped a beat yet? Wait until you hear how much each of these extravagant designs cost. A simple clutch can start from $1995 to $2995 and goes up to $6995 for a more elaborate design. Keep in mind that these are not merely just clutch bags, they are pieces of collectable art.

*All pictures courtesy of Judithleiber.com


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