Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mystique of Mikhael Kale

Dozens of new designers emerge with every new season, but it takes a creative genius to stand out from the crowd. Initiating his line in 2007, Canadian designer Mikhael Kale has made a notable mark on the fashion industry with his innovative brand of clothing. He constructs avant grade outfits that are fashion forward but retain their wearability.

Mikhael sculpts exquisite structured silhouettes that contour and profile the female form to it's best degree. A fondness of leather is seen in edgy LBD's, streamlined trousers and laser cut cropped coats. Kale contrasts the softness and femininity of lace by boldly remoulding it into architectural shapes. Delicate origami folds and prominent peplums are tacked onto chic sheath dresses. Oversized collars and cut-outs revise what we knew about the maxi coat. 

Mikhael traces the outlines of traditional patterns with newfangled prowess and artistry. His looks are tough as nails but sexy to the core. Here is a glance at the impressive Mikhael Kale collections for 2012.

Fall/Winter 2012

Spring/Summer 2012

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