Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday Thrills - Shoes by Betsey Johnson

Putting on a pair of Betsey Johnson heels is like taking a walk on the wild side of fashion. It's fierce, bold and draws all the attention directly down to your feet. The quirky American designer is widely known for her exuberance and buoyant spirit, youthful designs and longevity - being in the business for more than 4 decades. Betsey creates shoes that come alive with every step taken in them. Unconventional and fabulously unique, these are the heels you wear to make an unforgettable style statement. 

1. Mortica in Blush Multi. A T-bar twist between modern and vintage with floral lace upper and skull studded suede front. $124.99
2. Iconnn in Leopard Satin. A sexy pair of leopard print heels with ribbon ruffle detail. $99.99
3. Ditan in Black Multi. A lovely floral print platform with ribboned lace-up heel. $50
4. Dareah in Blue Multi. An electric blue suede shoe with turquoise lace platform. $109.99
5. Vise in Fucshia. A hot pink furry pair with double buckled ankle straps. $124.99
6. Haylie in Teal Blue. A suede peep-toe sandal with pretty front bow. $129.99
7. Samantaa in Black Multi. A lacey black and ivory sandal with coral coloured heel. $109.99
8. Cammie in Black Pink. Sweetly striped pair, adorned with back bow & ruffled edges. $99.99
9. Tappp in Pink Neon. Trendy coloured pointy toe pump with metal heel. $109.99

10. Capri boot in Bronze. An open toe wedge boot with woven leather design. $139.99 on sale.
11. Zzoey in Black Multi. A snazzy black and grey pair with beige laces. $82.49 on sale.
12. Luvey in Taupe. A suede stunner with tie-up ribbon front and ruffled edges. $114.74
13. Lizzzy in Taupe. A Victorian inspired peep-toe boot with lace-up front and gathered ruffle heel. $134.99
14. Lusttt in Black. An elegant lace and suede tie-up bootie. $169.95
15. Lunar in Black. A black suede ankle boot specked with rainbow coloured crystals. $112.49

Visit the Betsey Johnson website to view more of these vivacious designs. There are stores all over the US and online purchases can be made from Nordstrom, Zappos or Macy's. Prices differ on each site. They may not be your average everyday-type-of-heels, but they are a great way to play dress-up on an adventurous night out. Would you take the plunge and step into one of these eccentric pairs?


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