Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Good Beauty Tips

It's always useful to have an oversized bag of beauty tricks. These are a few that I've collected, tried and tested over the years, with gratifying results.

A Few Beauty Tricks:

*To enhance the rich tones in brunette hair, rinse through with a cup of cool brewed coffee.

*To tame flyaways, spritz some hairspray onto your hairbrush or comb before brushing.

*In between shampoos, dust hair with a large powder brush lightly dipped in either talcum powder, corn starch or translucent face powder. It absorbs any oil.

*Use apple cider vinegar to lock in your hair's natural moisture and get it looking glossy.

*Add a drop or two of your favourite fragrance into an unscented lotion to make your own perfumed body cream.

*A bit of bronzer mixed in with your regular body lotion with create a luminous glow on your skin.

*For extra skin nourishment, add a drop of baby oil to your body lotion, it's an excellent moisturizer.

*Blast your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using it. It will help your lashes to curl more easily. 

*A quick way to heal a spot is to dap it with a paste made of aspirin and water.

*Or dip a cotton bud in eyedrops, freeze it and them apply it to the spot. This reduces the swelling and redness. 

*Make your own deliciously sweet body and face exfoliant with brown sugar and honey. It removes dead skin cells and tastes good too!

*Wearing a shade of warm pink lipstick deflects from any other skin dilemmas that you may be having.

*Cinnamon is a natural lip-plumping agent and can be mixed in with a little lip gloss to attain the perfect pout.

*A sweep of gold eyeshadow helps the eyes to look much brighter - which may come in handy after a late night out.

*You can also apply white eyeliner to the inner eyelids for the same purpose.

*Two clever ways to use eyeliner: Freeze your eye pencil for a smoother, sharper line. Or run the tip of your eye pencil under hot water to create a smudged look.

*If your mascara wand is clogging up, dip it into a small bowl of eye makeup remover, this will clean the bristles and prevent clumping.

*When applying sparkly or powder eyeshadow, use a piece of masking tape to lift off any flecks that may have fallen under the eye area.

*The one product that works most effectively from the kitchen to the beauty counter is olive oil. Use it as a moisturizer, an exfoliater (mixed with some sea salt), a hair conditioner, a remedy for dry scalp, as a make-up remover, lip balm, nail and cuticle oil.

Have you tried out any of these before? I would love to hear what beauty tips and tricks have worked for you.


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