Monday, February 18, 2013

Hair-volution : Rihanna

Rihanna changes her hairstyle more in one season than most of us probably will in a lifetime. The chameleon of haircuts, Riri is never afraid to experiment with new and innovative styles, bold colours and edgy cuts. With her stunning looks, heart-shaped face and striking eyes, it's easy to see why almost every look suits her. She's had her hair cropped to the shortest span, curled, straightened, coloured & extended to long luscious lengths. If you're searching for your own hairstyle inspiration, this overview of Rihanna's Hair Evolution is a great place to start.

The Short Cuts

1. Rihanna took a plunge and cropped off all her locks in a choppy pixie cut last September. 2 & 4. She's also sported a honey blonde faux mohawk with shaved off sides. 3 & 5. In 2010 she was swept over with a commanding two-tone black and blonde look. 6. Her heavy asymmetrical fringe draws all the attention to her dazzling green eyes. 7. Rihanna pushes the envelope in a strawberry blonde slicked over hairstyle. 8. The angle of her side-parted style perfectly compliments her heart-shaped face.

The Bob

Rihanna reinvented the bob in 2007 & has tried out every variation since. 1 & 2. She wears it slick & straight, impeccably ironed with a blunt fringe. 3. Riri stuns in a shoulder length bob with caramel highlights. 4. Rihanna is most famous for her inventive asymmetrical bob with perfect angular lines. 5. She's also showed us how to wear a curly bob beautifully. 6. An interesting way to enhance your regular mod bob is by adding multi-tonal streaks.


1 & 6. Never in fear of a radical colour change, Riri went golden blonde and layered early in 2012. 2. A volumized curly quiff was her choice of style in August 2011. 3. She started out with a much simpler front-layered look when she stepped onto the music scene in 2006. 4. Rihanna plays it sweet with crimped waves. 5. In May 2012, she dyed her hair licorice black and fiercely styled it with tousled side waves and a side undercut. 

Longer lengths

1. Tightly wound ringlet curls bring out the singer's playful side. 2 & 6. A much younger Rihanna displays chic and feminine longer locks. 3. Jessica Rabbit, eat your heart out, Rihanna smoulders with side swept retro Hollywood waves in chocolate brown. 4. There is nothing more elegant than pin-straight glossy locks with a centre parting. 5. At this year's Grammys, Rihanna opted for glamourous loose waves with sun kissed ombre highlights. 

Every Shade of Red

Flame red, cherry crush, molten mahogany and intense auburn, Rihanna has tried them all, with grand success. She firmly placed fire-engine red on the hair colour map in 2010, wearing her hair in every imaginable style and saturation. Whether seen in wild curly tresses, tousled bobs, a poker-straight mane, plaits or sexy layers, Rihanna made red hair her signature for a while and we will always associate this vibrant hue with her. 

Which hairstyle do you think best suited Rihanna?

And which do you declare a hair disaster?

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